Hybrid Nanocrystals: Achieving Concurrent Therapeutic and Bioimaging Functionalities toward Solid Tumors

Rongsheng Zhao, Christin P. Hollis, Hua Zhang, Lili Sun, Richard A. Gemeinhart, and Tonglei Li
Molecular Pharmaceutics, 8:1985-1991, 2011

Abstract (from publisher): Bioimaging and therapeutic agents accumulated in ectopic tumors following
intravenous administration of hybrid nanocrystals to tumor-bearing mice. Solid,  nanosized paclitaxel crystals physically incorporated fluorescent molecules  throughout the crystal lattice and retained fluorescent properties in the solid  state. Hybrid nanocrystals were significantly localized in solid tumors and  remained in the tumor for several days. An anticancer effect is expected of  these hybrid nanocrystals.

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